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Dedicated To The FWD Naturally Aspirated Toyota Celica's With The 3SGE, 5SFE, 3SFE And The 4AFE - Including Turbo And 4WS Models
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PostSubject: Why??????????   Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:43 pm

FWD drag cars

this is one thing i have never seen the point in.

For a start, the physics are all wrong, as soon as you pull of the line all the weight is going to the rear wheels which is pointless since its FWD.

Just came across this

1000bhp Honda Civic FWD

With all the money he spent he could have done a RWD car like a supra, skyline, etc lol! lol!


1990 Toyota Celica GTR 4WS ST183 - Steer From The Rear, Literally!
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