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 Handling links (4WD only)

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Moving Up The Rev Band (3500RPM)
Moving Up The Rev Band (3500RPM)

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Handling links (4WD only) Empty
PostSubject: Handling links (4WD only)   Handling links (4WD only) I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 13, 2009 2:29 pm

Here is an article on the stock handling of the st185.
Goes into alignment settings as well.

Thread on seting up a serious course car. More on hows and whys to setup your alltracs handling.

Also here is a link that explains alignment better.

Here is a tech on doing your own alignment.

The whiteline article claims that the st185 could use more + caster.
I would like to post up the 185 suspension workings and look at how other mcpherson strut type cars adjust the caster. We may be able to develop a solution to get everything worked out right.

Here are the Whiteline sugested track settings for the 185.

Camber: (F) -1.5 / (R) -1.0
Toe (F) 0 / (R) 1mm out

They later updated from camber to-2.0 for racing. Some board members that autox run up to -3 camber.

I plan on trying out these settings when I get the car running again.

Parts that seemed to help:
Cusco front underbrace. (Helped firm up steering)
Whiteline rear sway bar. (Excellent)
Whiteline bushings. (Made the car feel more planted and controlled)
Adjustable sway bar links.
Aluminum rear diff mount.

Parts I will test and install:
Strut tower bars.
J-speed chasis mounts. (

On a note of handling. No matter how much $$ you throw at your suspension, unless you upgrade to a wider gripier tire, your throwing money away.

Another note, lsd is another important aspect to this cars handling, but we will cover the suspension chasis part of it in this thread and touch on the handling aspect of lsd some.

Here is a link to the lsd thread.

Here is a link to the wheel/tire size thread to help in choosing a wide enough wheel/ tire for you budget or needs.

Weight reduction thread.

Good artilce on brakes. A very important apsect to handling. And braking parts.
Threads on braking:

Link to many alltrac related suspension parts.
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Handling links (4WD only)
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