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 How strong are S53 boxes?

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Moving Up The Rev Band (3500RPM)
Moving Up The Rev Band (3500RPM)

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PostSubject: How strong are S53 boxes?   Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:10 am

How much power can the S53's handle?

Im currently planning to supercharge my 3SGE but dont know what to do about the trans. It will go onto the track once a month, if that.

What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: How strong are S53 boxes?   Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:14 pm

Hmm, this is quite a common question and get mixed answers.
Some say it will never last, some say it will.

IMHO, I wouldnt go over 200bhp, with a rebuild i would go to around the 220bhp mark.

It has been done though, there is a guy over in europe who has replaced his 3SGE with a 3SGTE out of a carlos sainz producing a great figure with his S53 and some guys in the uk running a 3.0 camry engine with the S53.

Bear in mind, Toyota don't build weak transmissions and im told that JDM ones are far stronger than USDM.

Thats just my 2c

Sorry to go a bit off topic, but is it true that some ST182's have S54's? Wink


1990 Toyota Celica GTR 4WS ST183 - Steer From The Rear, Literally!
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How strong are S53 boxes?
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