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 A hello from a newbie from Liverpool Uk, and a story about my st183 4ws soft top!

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Idling (750RPM)
Idling (750RPM)

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PostSubject: A hello from a newbie from Liverpool Uk, and a story about my st183 4ws soft top!   Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:11 am

Hi all just wanted to say hi, I came across your forum via a signature of a members post on another forum, a toyota one I think, wasnt celica specific I know that much... TuneMyToyota thats the one..

Anyways this was my 1989 st183 4ws convertible.. She was a lovely old thing.. Not so much as a scratch no rust no nothing, was a1 100% clean, like it just rolled out the factory.. First time I had an automatic gearbox too..

Everything worked too, I loved the power fold in/out mirrors, mine had a touch screen double DIN headunit with TV DVD SAT NAV and bluetooth..

The most amazing thing about it was the fact I could fit me, my wife (no mean feet in itself seeing as she is a size 8 lol) TWO car seats with my Son and Daughter, a double buggy/pram/stroller in the boot AS WELL AS 2 weeks worth of shopping! thats including a big box of nappies and a massive box of washing powder.. 14 days worth of food for 4 people and a pram lol..

Sadly she died of a blown head gasket and a broken gearbox.. I loved it so much, I would invent reasons just to go out and drive it for the sake of.. Me and my son used to go the park at least 2/3 times a day, roof down heating full on in the middle of winter..

If she had remote control central locking it would of been my perfect car.. I wanted a saab 900/93 convertible but none around at the time and stumbled across this..

She got admiring stares and positives looks, only a few times did I get negative attention.. typical idiots. Unless it was raining roof was ALWAYS down. First convertible, never fancied one before cos I don't like attention, not a poser in any way shape or form at all.. Just loved the openness and wind ect.

I came across the car through the internet and did a straight swap for a vauxhall Frontera 4x4 I drove 220 miles there and 220 miles home.. Half way home I stopped to get petrol and have a coffee and ring my wife.. A young family with one kid, a little boy around 5/6 years old parked next to me and stared and pointed non stop at my new (to me) celica.. while saying "daddy daddy look!"

Made my day that did as well as confirming I made the right decision. On the way home it was late at night around midnight, NO police and a stretch of motorway with no speed cameras and not much traffic.

Another same generation fast back tin top celica was side by side with me for a few miles, both of use doing around 120mph, he gunned it and left me standing, it was obvious it was far from stock, went like shit of a shovel.. But I didnt mind as it was not a patch on mine (in my eyes) I think it topped out at 140? Not too bad on the wind noise either considering it was what? waaay over 20 years old?

When my son saw it for the first time (he was 2 at the time) his first words were BRUM BUM daddies car mummy..

Ill end with a picture of my celica.. she was a beautiful old thing, I would have another in a heartbeat, even though my wife hated it!!!! Sorry for my long post, but it still gives me a big smile recalling my 220 mile journey home.. was one of the best drives I ever had!

(quick question, what did the red push button to the left of the auto shift stick do?? had japanese writing next to it, was a JDM import)


Pacman, Liverpool UK
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A hello from a newbie from Liverpool Uk, and a story about my st183 4ws soft top!
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