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 Resetting You Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio

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Resetting You Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio Empty
PostSubject: Resetting You Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio   Resetting You Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 6:22 am

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If you've noticed lately that your car has been running awkward or idling at very low rpms or even idling roughly, then your ECU may need to be reset. It is also a good idea to reset your ECU if you've added any performance mods like a header, intake, exhaust, etc. Doing this will let you take full advantage of your mods and reset your air/fuel mixture ratio so that you can get better performance.

Here's how to reset your ECU. First, start your car and let it warm up. When it's reached it normal operating temperature, turn the car off. Then, pop the hood and remove the relay fuse box cover and remove the following fuses: the Hazard fuse, the EFI fuse, and the ECU fuse. Take them out and leave them sit out for 1 minute. Then when the minute is up, put the fuses back in and start up your car. At this time the ECU is being reset so you can take advantage of your mods and get better gas mileage. When you start it up, let it run for exactly 10 minutes, then turn your car off. then start it again and you may notice your car idles better. From that point on you may have better gas mileage and your mods will be put to use.


Resetting You Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio FdgfdgfdBBcopy
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Resetting You Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio
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