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 4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183)

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4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183) Empty
PostSubject: 4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183)   4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183) I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2009 8:59 am

4WS Stands For Four Wheel Steering.

You Only Ever Find A 4WS (Four Wheel Steering) System On Only A Handful Of Cars In Automotive History.

Some People Call It Pointless, Some People Including Me Love It.

First, There Is 'Slow' Mode Which Is Only Used Under 45KM/H For Maneuvering And Going Around Tight Corners. In This Mode, The Rear Wheel Face The Opposite Way From The Front. This Gives The Car A Much Tighter Turning Circle.

Then There's 'Fast/Motorway' Mode Which Is Used Over 45KM/H, This Is The Opposite Of 'Slow' Mode, The Rear Wheels Now Face The Same Way As The Front. This Makes It More Stable At High Speeds.

When Going Over 45 KM/H, You Can Make The Wheels Turn The Opposite Way For Very Responsive Steering, You Do This By Pressing The Sports Button. The Wheels Wheel Stay The Opposite Way As Long As That Button Is On. There Is A Downside And That Is It Will Be More Unstable At High Speeds.

Then There's 2WS Revs Which Means Two Wheel Steering Reverse. If You Havent Got Much Experience At Reverse Parking, This Is Used. This Makes The Back Wheels Go Straight Making It Easier For Some People To Reverse Park. If You Are Experienced, Then 4WS ('Slow' Mode) Can Be Really Good For Reversing Into Tight Spaces. This Mode Can Only Be Activated When The Engine Is Running And Reverse Is Seleted.

Safe Mode

Safe Mode Is When The System Detects A Fault With The 4WS And Keeps The Wheels Facing The Same Way Permantly. This comes on when the red 4WS light comes on the dash. It Makes It Really Hard To Park, Less Of A Turning Circle And Cant Be Overriden By Sports Mode And 2WS Revs Mode, you'll really notice it.

Under 45KM/H

4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183) Th_Camera-Picture-011a
4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183) Th_Camera-Picture-013

Over 45KM/H And Safe Mode

4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183) Th_gdfhifd
4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183) Th_wedrfgtyhuj

Found this video on how it works (i didnt create it)
4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183) Th_4ws
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4WS Info (Four Wheel Steering) (ST183)
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