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 3SGTE Swap (rough Guide)

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PostSubject: 3SGTE Swap (rough Guide)   3SGTE Swap (rough Guide) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 2:28 pm

Right, this topic has been covered many times, i will just go over the basics.

Will it mount up to original engine mounts?

Depends On Your Engine. The 3SGTE is an 'S' series engine. If your engine is from the S family such as the 3SGE, 3SFE, 5SFE and the same generation of engine then it will mount up.

Can you use the stock transmission?

Depends on your stock transmission. Its recommended that you use the transmission out of an MR2 Turbo (E153F) with the LSD, Camry trans with LSD (Cant remember trans name) or the rare S54 with LSD out of a gen 6 celica.
If you use the MR2 trans, the linkages will have to be modified and with the S54, the starter motor has to be moved, unsure of camry trans.
Weather the MR2 and Camry trans uses original mounts i dont know.

If you want to use your original trans, its not recommended but people have done it. If you have the S53 transmission with the 3SGE, the S53 will mate with the 3SGTE. It is a risk how long it will last.
It is recommended you give the trans a rebuild.
It is also recommended that you buy an LSD. You can buy a 1.5Way LSD from TRD that is made for the S53 and some others.

What will you need?
Lets say your celica is RHD and your engine is coming from a RHD then you will need:

- Engine
- Wiring Loom (?)

There are some others i cant remember, im told that you cant use the stock exhaust from the engine to the CAT (I think), not sure about the fuel system or whatnot but there the 3 main things you need.

What i have wrote is what i have read from other forums, dont rely on this thread and do some other reasearch or ask someone on here.

3SGTE Swap (rough Guide) FdgfdgfdBBcopy
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3SGTE Swap (rough Guide)
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