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 Gen 5 Bumper Differences

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PostSubject: Gen 5 Bumper Differences   Gen 5 Bumper Differences I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 5:16 pm

ST182 ST185 And ST185CS/RC Bumper Differences

Gen 5 Bumper Differences Rcbumper

The bumper for the cs and rc versions not only has a different style at the front for cooling etc but is built differently using a smaller reinforcement support bar, combined with a reinforcement upper bar, most of the other basic parts are the same.

Gen 5 Bumper Differences St182bumper

The bumper for the normal st185 has the grille style front and is built using a much bigger reinforcement support bar which is behind an energy absorber.

Gen 5 Bumper Differences St185bumper

The bumper for the st182 is only slightly different to the front style grille of the st185 but is built in basically the same way.

From Celica Club UK

Also, to use the GT4 bumper, you also need the crash bar.

Gen 5 Bumper Differences FdgfdgfdBBcopy
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Gen 5 Bumper Differences
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