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 TEMS Suspension Cheap Mod (Without Switch)

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TEMS Suspension Cheap Mod (Without Switch) Empty
PostSubject: TEMS Suspension Cheap Mod (Without Switch)   TEMS Suspension Cheap Mod (Without Switch) I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 30, 2009 6:59 am


Quote :
TEMS Modification
by Bondango & adi

The current TEMS switch is a simple on-off device with three wires- 12 volts in, out to the TEMS ECU, and ground. Pushing one button closes a contact and sends 12 volts to the TEMS ECU for sport, pushing the other opens the contact and the TEMS is normal. So remove the switch and hardwire so it gets a permanent 12v and the TEMS will be set in Sport mode at all times


The way to get the TEMS in firm is to jumper the diagnostic block to the TEMS ecu so that it has the 'firm' setting all the time (not just the 'sport' setting). This is the same setting that it uses momentarily when accelerating hard, cornering, braking etc. It's also used for diagnosing TEMS faults.

Taken from SOGI...

"Access Diagnostic Block and Wires
It's in the engine bay, next to the fuse block and battery.
Locate Ts=Violet, E1=Brown wires.
Plug wires into top or splice leads into bottom of block. (Tap into, do not remove stock wiring.)
Feed your wires into the cabin (I cut hole under clutch pedal).

Connect Switch
Use a easy access off/on pushbutton.
Place the Ts and E1 leads onto the two terminals.

Push button on:
If TEMS -NORMAL- is on, will have steering wheel feedback by the blinking TEMS indicators.
If TEMS -SPORT- is on, will have FIRM locked in!

Push button off:
TEMS has normal control, with -NORMAL- and -SPORT- control. "

I intercepted the wire at the ECU to avoid running wires into the cabin, and fitted a switch next to the auto shift.

Ive just done a little test with this and really makes on hell of a difference!

To try it out, i got a metal wire and bridged TS and E1 in the diognostics box.

Start your car (with TEMS in sport) and you will see all the 3 LED's lit up in 'Hard'.

If you take it out of sport mode, it goes back to soft.

As soon as you drive it you can really tell the difference, you can feel every bump in the road but make handling incredible!!!!

I will be installing a swith to make it optional so will make a write up with photos for that.

TEMS Suspension Cheap Mod (Without Switch) FdgfdgfdBBcopy
1990 Toyota Celica GTR 4WS ST183 - Steer From The Rear, Literally!
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TEMS Suspension Cheap Mod (Without Switch)
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