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 4WS Fault Codes (ST183)

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4WS Fault Codes (ST183) Empty
PostSubject: 4WS Fault Codes (ST183)   4WS Fault Codes (ST183) I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2009 9:12 am

A fault code is a code that the cars ECU gives you to tell you what is wrong with your car.

On the ST18X Celica model (inc 4WS), in the top right corner you will see a grey box which says diognostics/ check connector
To do this you can use a paperclip and a notepad and pencil.

1. Make sure ignition is off

2. Open up the diognostics box and connect Tc and E1. You do this by making the paperclip straight and put one end in the Tc port and the other in the E1.

3. If done right, turn on the ignition (dont start car) and the 4WS light will start flashing. This is the fault code.

4. To read the fault code, let me do an example. If the 4WS light flashes 4 times and stops for a second or two, this is the first number of the code so it would be 4. Once it starts flashing again, this is the second part of the number so say it flashed once then stopped, it would be 1 so the fault code would be 41 which means there is something wrong with the speed sensor.

The fault codes are as follows:

11 - ECU
12 - Power for driver - main relay
13 - Steering control driver
21 - Main motor short
22 - main motor open
23 - Main motor seized
24 - Main motor wrong signal
31 - Back up motor open
32 - Back up motor
41 - Speed Sensor
42 - Steering control sensor signal
43 - Steering control sensor short or open

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4WS Fault Codes (ST183)
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